Who we are

Magister Energy Engineering is an innovative startup aimed at the development and promotion of new technologies finalized to save and improve the energy efficiency.

We are a group of specialists who shared years of experience in different sectors in order to create a reality "MAGISTER ENERGY ENGINEERING" able to satisfy the increasing request in the field of energy savings and innovation.


Magister Energy Engineering develops technologically advanced and innovative systems that can significantly reduce energy consumption and the local emissions, minimizing the environmental impact. Gained through years of research, the consolidated experience has as a result the development of innovative systems in the field of renewable energy. Our priority is energy efficiency, zero emissions and better quality of life. Our purpose is to make the energy environmentally friendly and sustainable.
The energy efficiency of public and private structures, cost savings for families, zero CO2 emissions, lower environmental impact are targets for efficient building. The law "those who consume less, pollute less" now is must not only in Europe but around the world. This environmental sustainability message was also one of the issues discussed during the Expo 2015.

Our Target

Magister Energy Engineering is aimed to those who wants to produce electric and thermal energy in environmental friendly way and reduce the heating consumption:

  • Heating:
    ● Domestic
    ● Industrial
    ● Services
    ● Hotellerie

  • Consumption reduce of industrial resistive loads

  • Co-generation of electric and thermal heat from thermodynamic