• Magister Energy Engineering gives the priority to the human needs and to the environmental.
    Our products are environmental friendly and due to its high efficiency provide a safe way of heating for all lifestyles and guarantee maximum comfort.
    Effetto Sole TTI is a radiant electric heating system through the infrared radiation.
    It can be installed on the floor, wall, ceiling or furniture, it does not require chimneys or flues because the plant doesn’t produce any emissions.
    Effetto Sole TTI doesn’t provide only heating but the maximum sensation of comfort with the lowest energy consumption.
    In addition to domestic use it’s also applicable to the industrial and commercial heating, as well as in agriculture (heating greenhouses, litter) ...
    Effetto Sole TTI can take benefits of tax deductions for energy class upgrading.


    Effetto Sole TTI doesn’t require chimneys or flues.
    This heating satisfies all the restrictions in the historic centers where emissions are not allowed.

    Effetto Sole TTI technology can be installed in non invasive and easy way.
    Does not require to use the water, pipes or valves and it can be installed in an extremely simple and fast way. Our technology is ideal for restructuring, in this way it’s possible to set over an existing floor with less than 15mm of thickness in the case of floating finish.

    Effetto Sole TTI technology avoids all the problems of water and gas facilities: limestone, leaks, mechanical component wear and obligatory periodic checks in accordance with law.

    Effetto Sole TTi Technology can be managed by tablet and smatphone. It allows to manage different temperatures even in open space and within the same room.

    The radiant heating system has features to be compiante with a healthy lifestyle:

    • Do not move the air, so it doesn’t generate circulation and suspension of dust and mites.
    • Total lack of electromagnetic and electromagnetic fields.
    • The radiant system heats objects that transmits a feeling of warm.
    • With a lower air temperature, the humidity is maintained within optimal values.
    • Ensures a steady and comfortable heatingbr> • The operation of the system is quiet and safe, environmentally friendly and has no CO2 emissions.


  • Domestic
  • Services
  • Wellness
  • Commercial
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial


  • Streamlining and reduction of electricity consumption in the processes of Industrial Production of Heat

    One of the most energy-consuming industrial processes is the heating by means of electric resistence.

    TTI Industrial, the innovative energy delivery Magister control system, is able to reduce the energy consumption.

    TTI Industrial controls the delivering of energy that is used to supply the resistance without "waste" the energy not aimed at the production of thermal energy.

    TTI Industrial controls the delivering of energy that is used to supply the resistance without "waste" the energy not aimed at the production of thermal energy.
    The delivery o not delivery time diversifies according to the type of material of the resistance.

    The reduction of energy consumption of the resistances, to which is applied the system, varies between 15% and 40% according the different types of resistance.

    The system consists of an industrial PLC with an algorithm, covered by patent, controls the temperature and the energy delivery.


  • Electric ovens
  • Extruders
  • Drying plants
  • Iron and Steel Industries
  • Galvanic industries
  • Plastics
  • Glass Production
  • Food Service
  • Paint Industry
  • and all Resistive loads...


  • Combined electric and thermal energy from the sun

    Thermodynamic Solar technology is based on an innovative system for the production of thermal and electric energy thanks to solar energy. Through a thermodynamic conversion process with high efficiency, the Magister STD EVO system is applicable and can be integrated with private property contexts as well as on specific industrial facilities.

    Thermodynamic Solar technology is an extremely innovative "green" technology, which allows to use the energy produced; it’s environmentally sustainable and does not emit CO2 or any kind of pollution in the atmosphere.

    The technology consists of a series of "collecting pipes" that allow to capture the solar energy, store it and also consume during the evening and night hours.

    The energy is captured through special solar collectors, and sent directly, or through a storage system designed by our R & D department, to a micro-generator ORC.
    STD EVO produces electricity and stores a considerable amount of heat that can be conveyed as toh the DHW demand (hot water) as for the conditioning.

    STD EVO uses as receptors "solar tubes heat pipe" totally recyclable that produce more energy than a solar photovoltaic panel and are completely recyclable, does not present disposal problems at the end of the life cycle.

    STD EVO offers high performance results even under extreme conditions (high altitude and at low temperatures). The electricity produced by this system is awarded in Italy with convenient incentive. In addition, the amortization of the cost of the plant happens within tight deadlines and allows to have an income with the introduction of electricity produced (and unused). The system is able to sustain itself even without state incentives.


  • Domestic
  • Services
  • Wellness
  • Commercial
  • Food
  • Hospitality